Night Sky Wallpapers

When the sun sets and the sky darkens, the stars shine. Sure, you could stare up at them through a telescope or sit around a campfire with friends, but why not get them on your home screens? Night Sky Wallpapers is a set of 12 beautiful night sky wallpapers that show the beauty of nature on your home screens.

These wallpapers are perfect for those who love astronomy!

Night Sky Wallpapers Includes;

🎯 6 Portrait Wallpapers

🎯 6 Landscape Wallpapers

🎯 Bonus Wallpapers

🎯 High Quality Images

Use Night Sky Wallpapers to create a beautiful atmosphere that will take your iPhone to another dimension.

✨ Notes ✨

+ Files are available immediately after purchase for you.

+ For personal use only and can’t be resold.

+ Resolution of all portrait wallpapers; 1242 x 2688

+ Resolution of all landscape wallpapers; 3840 x 2160

By purchasing this listing, you are helping to support my small business, and I am so grateful for that^^

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