Sage Green Collection

Check out our amazing Sage Green Collection! It’s perfect for anyone who loves sage green, and it includes everything you need: calendars, wallpapers, folders, and app icons.

Whether you’re into keeping things tidy or you prefer a minimal look, we’ve got something for you. Our desktop organizer comes with a handy monthly calendar to help you stay on track. Plus, our sleek sage green wallpapers, a part of this collection, will give your home screen an elegant touch!

Sage Green Collection Includes;

🎯 400 Aesthetic Sage Green App Icons

🎯 24 Photo Widgets

🎯 12 iPhone Wallpapers

🎯 12 iPad Wallpapers

🎯 2024-2025 Calendar (Monday&Sunday Start)

🎯 60 Desktop Folders

🎯 4 Sage Green 4K Wallpapers

🎯 4 Desktop Organizer Without Calendar

🎯 Easy Visual Guide to Use Your New Icons

🎯 High Quality Images

Customize your devices and show off your uniqueness. With this Sage Green Collection pack, you can create the perfect harmony between all your devices^^

✨  Notes ✨

+ Files are available immediately after purchase for you.

+ For personal use only and can’t be resold.

+ Supports any iPhone and iPad with iOS 14, 15, 16 or 17.

+ Supports any Mac or Windows computer.

By purchasing this listing, you are helping to support my small business and I am so grateful for that^^

Only on Etsy!

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